Planetary Nebula

NGC 6905 - Planetary Nebula in Delphinus

NGC6905 is a planetary nebula in the constellation Delphinus.  As with all planetary nebulae, it's the remnant of a red giant star which has ejected its outer gaseous shell leaving behind a hot, dense, white-dwarf star.  The 14th-magnitude central white-dwarf can easily be discerned in this image of NGC6905.  It has been estimated that 95% of all stars, including our Sun, will end their lives in this way.  NGC6905 has an estimated distance of 4,200 light years and an apparent diameter of 40".   To learn more about these objects and view images of such nebulae from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) click here.  

   This image is a color composite consisting of individual exposures through white (minus IR), cyan, magenta and yellow filters (WCMY).  The white (luminance) component is from 40, 15-second subexposures.  CMY exposures were: 17x15sec, 24x15sec, and 21x15sec, respectively.  The image was obtained beteen 0157-0322UT on 8 October 1999.

Below is an enlarged version of this image. 

NGC 6905 - Planetary Nebula in Delphinus

Below is the white (minus IR) component of this image showing the full field surrounding the nebula. Next to this is a harshly processed version that  shows faint outer filaments in the nebula.

NGC 6905       NGC 6905


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