NGCs 3605, 3607, 3608

NGC 3605 / 07 / 08

This group of galaxies is in the constellation Leo.  NGC 3608 is the galaxy at the lower left in this image and is a magnitude 11.8 Elliptical Galaxy.  The brighter galaxy in the middle right of this image is the Lenticular Galaxy NGC 3607 and is magnitude 11.0.   The Elliptical Galaxy in the upper right of this image is NGC 3605.  At the top left of this image (above NGC 3608) is a very faint (mag 16.3) Spiral Galaxy catalogued as MCG-3-29-18 and also as PGC34407.  There are several other faint galaxies in the image (one in the extreme upper right corner and one between NGCs 3605 and 3607), however, they are not noted in any charts.  This image is a composite of 18, 15-second images taken on 23 May 1998.   

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