M86 and Virgo Cluster

M86 and Virgo Cluster

M86  (NGC4406) is a lenticular galaxy in the constellation Virgo.  It is estimated to be about 52 million light years distant.   This image shows many galaxies which are part of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies.  

The image below labels the most prominent galaxies in the image.  The large galaxy on the left is NGC4438 which is physically interacting with the smaller galaxy above it (NGC4435).   These two galaxies are known as the The Eyes Galaxies. Click on the above image to see a full-sized version of the image.

More information about this object can be found at Wikipedia-Messier 86 and at the Messier Database - M86.  

The above image is a 98-minute exposure collected on 2 June 2011 with a SXV-H9 monochrome camera through a William Optics FLT110 4.3" f/7 refractor.

M86 and Virgo Cluster

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