M38 - Open Cluster

M38 - Open Cluster in Auriga

M38 (NGC 1912) is a bright Open (or Galactic) Cluster located in the constellation Auriga at a distance of about 4,200 light years.  It contains over 100 stars with many of the brighter stars classified as hot-bluish spectral type-B2.  The cluster also contains several type-G giants, with the brightest star in the cluster a yellow G0 (seen at the center of the above image).  Burnham's Celestial Handbook describes the cluster as a scattered group of irregular form, with the brightest stars in a pattern resembling the Greek letter pi.  This asterism can be seen prominently in the upper left in the above image.  

More information about this object and additional images can be found at the Messier Index - M38.  

The image above is a true-color composite of 10-second images in cyan (23x10sec), magenta (18x10sec) and yellow (17x10sec) taken on 30 September 2000.  The image below is a monochrome image of M36 composed of 30, 10-second, IR-filtered images obtained on 30 September 2000.  

M38 - Open Cluster in Auriga (monochrome)

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