M31 - The Great Andromeda Galaxy

M31 - The Great Andromeda Galaxy

The Great Andromeda Galaxy (M31 / NGC224) in the constellation Andromeda is the brightest and nearest of all spiral galaxies.  It is an Sb-type spiral galaxy and is a member of the Local Group.  This galaxy is  2.9 million light years distant.  More information about this galaxy can be found at The Messier Index - M31 and Wikipedia - Andromeda Galaxy.

This image is a 50-minute image through a William Optics FLT-110 4.3" f/7 refractor with an SXV-H9 CCD camera obtained on 30 October 2008.   The galaxy is so large relative to the focal length and camera chip that only a small central portion of the galaxy is visible in this image.   Under dark skies this galaxy can be seen with the naked eye and is easily found with binoculars.

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