M2 - Globular Cluster

M2 - Globular Cluster

M2 (NGC7089) is a globular cluster consisting of approximately 150,000 stars located within our galaxy at a distance of approximately 36,000 light years.  The brighter stars of the cluster are yellow and red-giant stars estimated to be 13 billion years old.  This cluster is located in the constellation Aquarius.  More information about this object and additional images can be found at the Messier Index - M2.  

The above color image is an LRGB composite from a 60-minute luminance exposure combined with 30-minute red, green and blue exposures. The image was obtained on the evening of 2 August 2008 with a William Optics FLT110 4.2" f/7 refractor and an SXV-H9 CCD camera.

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