M1 - The Crab Nebula

M1 - The Crab Nebula

The Crab Nebula (M1) (NGC1952), in the constellation Taurus, is the remnant of a supernova, which is the violent explosion of a star. This supernova was observed by Chinese astronomers on about July 4, 1054 A.D.  At the center of the nebula remains a neutron star that spins 30 times per second. The nebula is located approximately 6000 light years from Earth.

The above 106-minute image was obtained on 30 December 2008 through a William Optics FLT110 4.3" f/7 refractor telescope with a SXV-H9 ccd camera.

M1 - The Crab Nebula

The image above is from September 12 and September 18, 1999 and is a composite from a series of images through WCMY filters (IR filtered) in the following amounts: white (63x15sec), cyan (31x15sec), magenta (40x15sec), and yellow (40x15sec) through a 16" f/4 Newtonian telescope with a Cookbook CB245 ccd camera.

Recently, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, an orbiting X-ray telescope, imaged  rings or waves of high-energy particles that have apparently been ejected outward from the neutron star as can be seen below.   Also visible are high-energy jets of particles racing from the neutron star perpendicular to the rings.   To learn more about this discovery visit The Chandra Photo Album - Crab Nebula

To find out more about the Crab Nebula, you may also visit Wikipedia - Crab Nebula and Messier Index - Crab Nebula

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