Milky Way in Scutum/Sagittarius

This is the Milky Way in the direction of Scutum (to the left) and Sagittarius and is the view toward the center of our galaxy.  This region is rich in Messier objects including nebulae and star clusters as shown in the labeled negative image of this field shown below. Visible are: M16 -the Eagle Nebula, M17 - the Omega Nebula, open star clusters M23 and M25.  Slightly above and to the left of M16 is a nebulous patch and open cluster (NGC 6604).  The bright patch of stars below and right of M17 is M24.  This image is a 30-minute exposure on hypered Fuji G800 with a Nikon N2000 and Nikkor 210mm lens at f/4.

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